Empty Box

Poem: “Empty Box”

The empty box syndrome is another name I give to that gnawing hollow feeling of “nothingness”, it is another term for low self esteem, depression and oppression which all have a multiplicity of roots. God is our healer through Christ, however this condition is often hidden even in churches and among Christians.

Many are unable to talk about their feelings or the “dark nights” of their soul because they are afraid of being judged and rejected.
Let us be open and I pray that we will all have at least one person who we can pour our hearts out to if need be and seek prayer and counsel from because therein begins the healing process.

Email us if you need prayer, counsel or just a listening ear. We also have resources or information  that may be helpful to you:



On the evening of 25th Sept. 2017, and the next morning,  in the newspapers there was a heading that gripped my attention “Too Clever for Jail” it was about a young Oxford university medical student who stabbed her boyfriend with a bread knife but she was spared jail. Why ? well the judge said she was “too clever” for jail. No! I am not kidding. I felt compelled to write this poem on my way to work on the morning of  26th Sept.


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