Change His Story

Change His Story
———————————————-—-He was a youth neglected
Gang life he accepted
In dead end street he landed
Now in a coffin forever stranded.
Let us do our part
to reach out to
many a child
Let us work
together to
seek out
many a youth
A life goal… to
see many a gang
©️18-05-19 DENyamekye






Roots of Empathy Programme: Avoiding bullying & aggressive behaviour in formative years


Roots of Empathy is a classroom program in Toronto, Canada, where infants are taken to visit elementary schools on a regular basis, in order to allow the schoolchildren to observe the infants’ development and emotions. The project was began in 1996 by Mary Gordon, a social entrepreneur and educator.

This is a brilliant programme called Roots of Empathy”. In this video link

it shows one of the days when a baby is brought into a 4th grade class and used as a means to get students to talk about the vulnerability of human beings and speak about their own feelings. It is a way of getting them to be sensitive to other people’s feelings and the goal is to prevent aggression and bullying.

The founder Mary Gordon said “It is no good raising a society of people who know how to read and compute well but not to relate well. Learning how to relate to one another requires empathy.”

Read more about Roots of Empathy from their website:

I think this is a great, effective programme. What do you think?