We are the Witness Institute of Wellness & Human Dignity aka The Wrighteous Witness

We combine raising awareness to causes important to humanity and for a better world with social action & creative writing.

There is at least one issue that we write in our website (http://thewitnessinstitute.org) and speak about that personally affects or has affected you or someone you know in the past or currently. Some are namely:
Domestic Violence
Child Abuse
Mental Health issues
Self-worth/Esteem issues etc..

We take a stand for justice, equality & truth.

We also endeavour to raise funds in key areas or encourage you to support important causes through donations or volunteering.

Our Services & Events:

1. We are planning seminars/workshops:

a) Wellness Creative Writing seminars with workshops to work with local authorities and private charities in their mental health & well being programmes.

b) In Full Bloom Motivational seminars/Workshops (small groups). We have held three to date, however this is an improved and updated version.

It is a workshop we developed that is aimed at maximising potential so as to live a purposeful life. At the Witness Institute, we believe every human being is born with the potential to excel and fulfil their predestined purpose in life.

At the workshop, the In Full Bloom motivational exercise, a Self assessment & partner to partner assessment enables paired participants to
-know whether they are fulfilling their potential, downplaying or under utilising their capabilities by
1) analysing their strengths and weaknesses
2) effectively matching who they are, in terms of their skills, talents (learnt or natural, aspirations and gifts with what they do. If not or only partially, the workshop serves as a forum to
-receive advice, ideas and think through steps one can take to remedy a lack of / partial maximisation or fulfillment of potential.

c) periodic intercessory prayer & prophetic gatherings through Christian ministry, Maranatha Tabernacle to pray for serious issues affecting the nations such as
-knife and gun crime
-aforementioned causes
-children & youth
-families and marriage
-nation, leaders and government

2. We offer 1:1 or group self-publishing (Books & blogs) consultancy for those who want to tell their story or make a difference as writers or authors.

3. prayer, prophetic encouragement and counselling by email (include your number if you prefer a call).
Email: bearwitnessforerunner88@gmail.com

We encourage you to
Awake! Be Aware!

🍇Rise up and engage for a better world.
🍇Act to be a fruitful or productive YOU!
🍇Join the cause, conversation and make a difference in the world or to someone’s life.

🔥What is your purpose in the big wide world, beyond the walls of the security of your job, home or faith arena?

🔥Come out of isolation or insulation. There is a world out there waiting for you

Email: thewitnessinstitute@gmail.com

As a non profit organisation, we welcome your donations to help us meet the costs of our workshops/seminars and prayer gatherings.

Deborah E Nyamekye